Enrichment Activities & Clubs

Garfield is a positive and caring community that appreciates individual strengths and abilities. The diversity of our children and families helps create a rich learning environment. We address the needs of the whole child through challenging learning experiences, physical movement, the arts, and partnering with families.

Green at Garfield

A Certified Oregon Green School

Garfield Elementary is one of approximately 200 schools that are certified as an Oregon Green School (OGS)! Garfield earned it’s Merit Level Certification from OGS in October 2018, the second of three levels. The OGS certifications are bestowed on Oregon schools that can demonstrate completion of school water, energy, and waste audits; goal setting in various areas of sustainability; and school sustainability projects with students, staff, and the community. Merit level schools have gone beyond the basics to provide sustainability assistance to other schools.

Garfield’s merit certification plaque from Oregon Green Schools, which was presented to our school community by our regional Green School Coordinator, Rachel Snyder of Republic Services, in December 2018.

Curious to learn more about Oregon Green Schools? Watch this short video and visit the Oregon Green Schools website to find out more about this program. You’ll find other videos on the site, including Saving Little Pieces of Our Earth: Oregon’s Curbside Recycling Journey. Find out how the recycling that you do at school, home or work gets turned into new things!

Eco-Gecko Club

Eco-Gecko Club is Garfield’s student sustainability club. 3rd-5th graders in Eco-Gecko Club meet twice a month to explore projects in science, technology, and the environment. Eco-Gecko Club students work with Mr. Inman to learn about sustainability and environmentalism, use science and engineering to solve problems and help reach others in our school and community. Parent’s of 3rd-5th students interested in joining Eco-Gecko can contact Joel Inman.

Students work on a recycling audit with Mr. Inman during their Eco-Gecko Club meeting (spring 2019). 

Students work together to build an example of a recycling sorting machine during an Eco-Gecko Club meeting (winter 2019).  The club was learning the why behind the current recycling material restrictions in our area.

Eco-Gecko Club student representatives, with Mr. Inman (Eco-Gecko Club advisor) and Ms. Christy (Garfield’s Sustainability Captain/Leader), at the Oregon Gardens for the 2019 Oregon Green School’s Summit.

The Garfield Green Team Committee

The Garfield Green Team Committee was a committee established in the Fall of 2013 to help Garfield Elementary move forward with its environmental efforts The committee includes a team of teachers, parents, and community members. If you would like to join the Green Team Committee, please email our School Sustainability Leader, Christy Toliver. Meetings can be in English and Spanish. 

The Gecko Learning Garden

The Gecko Learning Garden was built in June 2014, and funded entirely by grants, the PTA, and private donations. The shed is stocked with garden tools, and there are picnic tables available for use. Garden maintenance is performed by parent and community volunteers. Our mission:

  • Wellness—exposure to gardening promotes healthy food choices and physical activity
  • Community—brings diverse Garfield families together; erodes language barriers
  • Education—practical food production skills for families, and opportunities to enhance district-approved science curriculum

Educational Enrichment

  • Physical Education Specialist
  • Music Specialist
  • Strings program (fee based with scholarships available, grades 3-5)

Annual Events

Gecko Run

Children gather pledges from friends and family to pay a certain dollar amount per lap they run around the Garfield field. All kids are out at once, getting exercise, having fun and raising money for our school.

The Book Fair

Once a year for a week, one of the rooms in the school is turned into a book store. Students and family members can purchase books from their favorite series or characters at decent price while giving a percentage of the proceeds to the school.

Winter Celebration

The Winter Celebration is an opportunity for families to come together, share a potluck dinner, and enjoy music performances and art.

Books and Breakfast

Families are invited to enjoy a free breakfast while exchanging books and enjoying our community.

International Night

Garfield celebrates cultures of the world with each grade choosing one country to represent. Classrooms are decorated, posters and artwork are hung, projects are displayed, crafts can be made and food sampled. Classes also perform songs and dances from the countries they have been studying. Children can collect stamps in world passports for a prize at the end. Families and friends enjoy this lively and educational evening.

Talent Show

Children that have a talent to show off can participate in the talent show. Those interested do a brief audition with the music teacher, who puts the whole show together. The entire school gathers in the gym to watch kids sing, dance, play instruments, do karate, read poems, etc. Parents are welcome to join the audience.

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are an important part of our school. They are celebrated yearly by Garfield staff.

Summer Celebration

The Summer Celebration is an occasion to celebrate the end of the school year with food, fun, and community.

Kinder and 5th Grade Graduation

Our youngest and oldest kids have a graduation ceremony during the last week of school. The kinders can proudly celebrate having completed their very first year of school, a year involving a lot of adaptation to a new environment and way of learning. The fifth graders are on their way to a whole new world, middle school, and leaving their old teachers, principal and younger peers or siblings. It’s a time to celebrate their accomplishments throughout their elementary school life.