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Parents and/or Guardians please make sure to label your students coats and sweaters. Also, please make sure that you check our lost and found (in the cafeteria and in the entrance hallway) regularly.


Please remember that our 1st bell rings at 8:00 am. At that time, students should be on their way to their classrooms. The 2nd bell is at 8:05 am and after it rings students are tardy! Instruction begins promptly at 8:05. Please consider arriving a few minutes earlier in the morning to make sure that your child doesn’t have tardies on their report card. Teachers appreciate when students are on time. It limits the interruptions in their classroom.

Drop off area

Parents and/or guardians, when dropping off a student in front of Garfield before school starts, make sure to drive to the end of the drop off lane before having the student exit the vehicle. When possible, please have the student exit on the passenger side for safety purposes.